Certification in Meditation – Which Certification is Right For You?

certification in meditation

Are you interested in pursuing a certification in meditation? If so, you’re not alone. Meditation has many benefits for our mental, physical, and emotional health, and certification in meditation can open up many professional and personal doors. Learn more about the various types of certifications in this article. Then, choose which one is right for you! This article compares and contrasts IMMA, CPD, and Path’s meditation teacher training.

Path’s meditation teacher training

The Path’s meditation teacher training program is an intense and comprehensive training that is accessible to anyone with a full-time job. The first group of students is made up of therapists, yoga instructors, and other professionals who are balancing their busy schedules with their practice of meditation. The 100-hour program includes mindfulness certification and focuses on practicing loving kindness meditation. It also provides a unique opportunity to connect with other practitioners.

The program is taught by a distinguished faculty, including veteran meditation teachers like Michael Arnstein. In addition to being a graduate of the Path’s meditation teacher training, Cheryl is a perpetual student of Buddhist philosophy. She holds a Master of Arts in Mindfulness Studies, and her thesis focused on the use of social media to teach mindfulness. Before becoming a meditation teacher, Cheryl was an educator and a Registered Nurse, with specialty certification in obstetrics. In her personal life, she has raised six children with her husband.


The International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance (IMMA) certifies mindfulness teachers. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt, who is still the Executive Director, the IMMA has become a standard bearer for mindfulness-based training in Europe and beyond. Its faculty includes some of the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable teachers, representing ten countries. Whether you want to teach meditation in a school, corporate office, or health facility, you can be confident that the training you receive is a quality one.

The IMMA course includes an eight-week workbook and a powerpoint presentation with more than 60 slides. It is also accredited by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance (IMMA). The course also includes guided meditation audios and an online self-study course. These tools are useful in creating your own meditation sessions and preparing to teach others. The course is flexible and self-paced and provides support and guidance for instructors. Although you cannot attend an in-person course, it is ideal if you don’t have a strict schedule or prefer to study at home.


A CPD certificate for meditation teachers is a great way to maintain your expertise. Your CPD certificate will be internationally recognized, demonstrating your grade classification and proving your achievements. Your certificate is also a valuable addition to your online professional profile and resume. The certificate is produced in PDF format in approximately three working days and will include the official Certification Seal and high-quality certificate paper. To learn more about CPD certification for meditation teachers, visit the website below.

This online CPD certification course covers a comprehensive selection of 12 course modules. It consists of 24/7 access to study materials, led pranayama sessions, and assessment tests. It includes tutor and student support for all aspects of your study. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate. To make the most of your CPD certification in meditation, check out the course details below. The courses are widely accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

Sura Flow’s LIBERATE

The LIBERATE meditation certification program is designed to give you direct experience teaching meditation to others. It includes guided meditations, teaching guidance, and an online schedule. You will also learn about synchronicity, energy tools, and intuitive awareness. The course is well-organized and easy to follow. As a certified teacher, you can teach meditation sessions to clients pro bono, as well as share the tools you’ve learned with others.

The course is twelve weeks long and requires eight to ten hours of weekly engagement. Most courses are taught live, allowing you to build a closer relationship with your teachers. Additionally, the course focuses on relationships and meditation, so you’ll spend plenty of time discussing your practice with your fellow students. To get started, you’ll need to know what you’re getting yourself into. The program includes a simulated interview, which allows you to see whether the course will suit you.

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